The Meaning of Life Begins with the Meaning of YOUR life:


Discover who you are meant to be in the Eight Areas Of Life:

Your PHYSICAL HEALTH blueprint - How to achieve radiant health by learning the specific foods, exercise and lifestyle techniques for YOU.

Your DESIRE blueprint - How to be motivated to fulfill your goals without attachment.

Your DHARMA blueprint – How you help the world, your life purpose.

Your CAREER blueprint - How to be happy at work, suitable career choices.

Your CREATIVE PLAY blueprint - How to find satisfaction in recreation and enhance creativity.

Your RELATIONSHIP blueprint - Your personal style of relating with others including marriage.

Your VITAL BODY blueprint - Your best mental stress management techniques.

Your SPIRITUAL PATH blueprint - Your main tools for lasting fulfillment, inner growth and balance.

There are eight Personality Types that will each govern one of the above areas for you, and this is what makes you the unique individual that you are.

What Is Your Life Blueprint?

Hi, my name is Gandharva Sauls and I am the Your Life Blueprint Master Counselor offering personal consultations to discover your original life potentials. In January 2000, after many years of study in Ayurveda, Yoga and other holistic sciences, I received the sacred knowledge to be able to accurately know and share with you your life blueprint. Your Life Blueprint is a holistic system of knowledge that can accurately determine who you are meant to be in this lifetime. This knowledge allows you to understand and accept with yourself at the deepest level.

I discovered many years ago that one thing, whether it be a certain diet, type of exercise, technique of meditation etc., doesn’t work for everybody. Just as your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s, your diet, exercise, meditation, relationships, career, desires etc. need to be personalized to have the maximum effect. Every person I counsel is on their own path to reach their own unique goals. My consultations are based on YOU and what you need as the unique individual that you are.

This work is my passion and my clients have given the consultation rave reviews. Read reviews

What Is Your Consultation Like?

Your consultation with me is a unique, comforting, uplifting experience that brings a confirmation and acceptance of the deepest levels of yourself. This sacred information is shared in a positive, confidential way. It is done by Zoom, or as a recorded MP3 download - the information presented is exactly the same no matter which option you choose. You also receive a digital recording of your consultation plus a PDF booklet of printed information prepared exclusively for you.


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I look forward to sharing your life blueprint with you.



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