Any true science of health and longevity must be in accord with the laws of Nature. The Your Life Blueprint Physical Health System is one such system. It places great emphasis on eight imbalance types: Heat, Cold, Lightness, Heaviness, Dryness, Oiliness, Mixed and Mysterious/Mixed; and the eight major balancing therapies for these types: Cooling, Warming, Nourishing, Lightening, Oleating, Drying, Mixed and Mysterious.

There are three basic physical metabolic types:


Catabolic (Protein Type) – hyper (fast) metabolism, breaking down

(Heat, Light, Dry)

Anabolic (Carbohydrate Type) – hypo (slow) metabolism, building up

(Cold, Heavy, Oily)


Mixed – Mixed

Which can be even more effectively broken down into eight disease types:


1.  Heat  Catabolicheart/small intestine/bone tissue


2.  Cold  Anabolic   brain/triple heater/pericardium/blood tissue 

3.  Light  Catabolic   gallbladder/governor vessel/nerve tissue


4.  Heavy  Anabolicliver/conception vessel/fat tissue

5.  Dry    Catabolic  stomach/spleen/muscle tissue

6.  Oily   Anabolic   kidney/bladder/reproductive tissue


7.  Mixed    Mixed lungs/large intestine/lymphatic tissue

8.  Mysterious   Mixed       

BALANCING THERAPIES                                           

HEAT: Cooling Therapy: cooling foods, more protein/less carbs

COLDNESS: Warming Therapy: warming spices, reduce raw food, more carbs/less protein

LIGHTNESS: Nourishing Therapy: grounding foods, more protein/less carbs

HEAVINESS: Lightening Therapy: lighter foods, leafy greens, more carbs/less protein/fat

DRYNESS: Oleation Therapy: lubricating foods, more protein/fat/less carbs

OILINESS: Drying Therapy: drying foods, more carbs/less fat & protein

MIXED: Mixed Therapy: Mainly consists of balancing the lymphatic system, lungs and large intestine but will depend greatly on the qualities that are mixed.

MYSTERIOUS: Spiritual Therapies such as mantra, yantra and prayer.