When we meet strangers we often ask, almost immediately, what they do for a living. When life is meaningful, because we feel that we have an important role to play in it, then our resistance to disease is strong. When we are bored and listless, then our immunity goes down. Men and women who have the types of careers they can continue on a full or part-time basis, even in old age, are fortunate indeed. So we should not be surprised when we find that career satisfaction is a leading predictor of longevity. Someone who continues to work in a job which they intensely dislike does not understand how harmful this can be to their health and should seek career counseling. Your Life Blueprint is capable of showing you with precision your career path and its various strengths and challenges.

The eight career personalities are:

INTEGRATIVE: multi-faceted career, leadership, entrepreneurship.

DEVOTIONAL: positions of nourishment (chef), counselor, nurse.

WARRIOR: Supervisor, fireman, lawyer, surgeon, athlete.

COMMUNICATOR: teaching, communications, sales, business.

GIVER: banker, judge, priest, counselor, non-profit work.

IDEALIST: artist, poet, nutritionist, designer, decorator.

LONER: “hands-on” work, yoga, massage, computers, phys therapy.

REBEL: careers that are unique and non-conservative.