This area of life includes our interpersonal interactions with parents, siblings, children, relatives, friends and associates.

Our ability to be sexual and intimate with one special partner is also determined from this field. Marriage is not part of this field, as it belongs to the field of life known as physicality. The archetype changes between dating someone and living together/marrying them. This is why some individuals may have a wonderful relationship while they court each other, but a poor one once they start sharing physical space or get married.

When we sense that a person is suffering in some way, how often we find that it is due to some faulty relationship or interaction with a spouse, parent, relative, friend, or enemy. Poorly functioning relationships drag us down both physically and mentally, whereas good relationships are catalysts for renewed vitality, bringing a sense of peace and harmony to our existence. Good friends should be cherished above all else.

There are eight basic styles of relating and each person naturally favors one of these styles over the other seven. One style of relating is not better than any other, but in our minds we often try to make it so. The key is to understand and accept who we are in our style of relating, rather than think that there is some universal norm for everyone to follow, such as “men are like this, and women are like that”.

Sometimes a person’s health begins to improve immediately when a certain relationship ends. This is tangible proof that, in the quest for happy, healthful longevity, we cannot ignore our interactions in the field of relationships.

The eight relating personalities are:

INTEGRATIVE: charismatic, liberal, confident and authoritative.

DEVOTIONAL: empathetic, caring, loving and nourishing.

WARRIOR: bold, aggressive, willful and straight to the point.

COMMUNICATOR: flexible, adaptable, fun-loving and good with words.

GIVER: giving, serving, devoted and balanced in approach.

IDEALIST: sweet, romantic, compromising and idealistic.

LONER: steady, patient, needs privacy and boundaries.

REBEL: rebellious, iconoclastic, unique