To know one’s spiritual path fulfills the Vedic adage “Established in Being, perform action.” It also fulfills the adage “Seek first the Kingdom of God and all else will be added unto you.” The field of spiritual life is like a king amidst his royal family (the other seven fields of life). All family members are subsumed under the king’s power, even while having their own sphere of influence.

Of all the eight fields of living, this field is by far the most important - the king amidst the cabinet. The ancient Vedic teachers were very wise - they recognized that people have different strengths of personality. This, in turn, leads to different approaches in defining and finding the spiritual goal of life. But, today’s religions are quite exclusive, often condemning approaches other than their own. The same holds true for many spiritual teachers and their teachings: they try to give one generic approach - the “best” way. In theory they may honor all paths, especially if they are from the East, but in practice, they violate the multi-dimensionality of the Vedic approach.

There are eight distinct personality approaches to finding peace or enlightenment. The tradition which has best preserved some knowledge of these paths is the ancient Vedic path of Yoga. I am not suggesting that this tradition has a monopoly on this knowledge because the core of the eight paths can be found in every religious and spiritual tradition.

Your Life Blueprint™ clearly defines the 8 Spiritual Personalities:

SURYA YOGA - The Integral Path

BHAKTI YOGA - The Devotional Path

KUNDALINI YOGA - The Warrior Path

GYANA YOGA - The Communicative Path

KARMA YOGA - The Giving Path

RAJA YOGA - The Idealistic Path

HATHA YOGA - The Loner Path

TANTRA - The Rebel Path