What People Are Saying About Your Life Blueprint Consultations

A Thank you to Gandharva for 20 years of Guidance

Yesterday, my sister and I were talking about all the life changes, physical challenges, relationship complications, career doubts that we have been through.  She reminded me that my clarity in choosing a career, regaining health, relationships, uncovering the ‘why’ of all of this on a work, health, spiritual and the practical ways to resolve them – all came together 20 years ago after meeting Gandharva at an Integral Yoga lecture. I was anxious, depressed, with so many physical challenges as well as not knowing which career path I should take.  After the Blueprint reading, I had all the underlying causes solved as well as learning more about my strengths which guided me to my next career. He tied together my physical, spiritual and career paths so they came together, and for once I felt whole.

We talked about how we brought Mom to Gandharva.  Mom had been through so many neurologists, tests, psychologists, all the time and money spent only to see her worsen and become discouraged.  He uncovered her exact weakness based on his Blueprint reading. He set her on a path of gentle stretches, dietary changes and reinforcing her confidence in her dharma.  Mom regained her strength and confidence, and by following the guidance was restored to physical health also.

Seeing Mom’s progress, her friend sought out Gandharva.  She was suffering with chronic bronchitis, on medications that weren’t helping.

Gandharva uncovered in her blueprint her underlying physical nature and she improved after making dietary changes.  He also guided her by confirming she was on the ‘right track’ with her career.

I have many other stories like this. It’s amazing to me that one person, one way, can solve so many of life’s mysteries.

And my sister today observing my past 20 years has made this the day to express my gratitude to you, Gandharva.  This is exactly the time you said I would be going in another career direction, and actually I am now staying with my present job, but have asked for more responsibilities tied to my changing dharma, and it feels great.  I have also branched out and networked more, and that has boosted my career focus also.

Thank you Gandharva, from the bottom of my heart, which, by the way, you helped me get in touch with to guide me in life. Joan C.

Since my consultation with Gandharva my life has been transformed for the better in many ways—my physical health and digestion have improved in an exponential fashion; I have consciously and happily implemented change in the structure of my work life based upon my blueprint and indeed have effected positive change in each of the eight fields of life, often with dramatic results. It is amazing to me that I could live in this body for more than half a century and still not “know” myself: even basic things like the types of foods I need to eat to be healthy or the fundamental components of my personality. Acquiring this information has been a powerful tool for change; healthy living; and for healing. These experiences have left me with a sense of wonder and awe. P.K.

Gandharva, thank you for completing my blueprint  consultation.  It is really fascinating!  It is so  interesting to have an objective perspective on oneself. I actually feel like I have a clearer understanding of  myself without judgement.  Having the blueprint, it is clear that so  much of who we are is destined along with our emotional development to  enable the journey which makes perfect sense.  A.B.

I can't tell you how much this information has touched me.  It reconfirms all the things I already knew about myself while giving me a clear pathway to accept my flaws and to see how to accentuate all of my benefits.  I am slowly incorporating your suggestions into my daily life and can feel a shift happening already. A.F.

Gandharva, thank you so much for tuning in to whom I was born to be, and for giving it clearly back to me. I.N.

Thanks!  Your information is so beneficial - I keep it with me and consider it all the time and it is really helping me in my life.  I'm so glad that I participated in this. M.M.

A perspective shift from our work together has been has been my shift from "psychological reasons" for some of my characteristics to "that's me"! J.W.

I can not thank you enough for the session last week! I feel like a weight has been lifted...D.C

I just wanted to take a moment to thank-you again for the LIFE-CHANGING meeting. The knowledge you have helped provided about myself is absolutely massive. With tremendous gratitude. S.M.

Just wanted to reach out and say THANK YOU for a wonderful consultation! In fact, I am planning another, The whole thing has offered me a new and brilliant perspective on everything in my world, and I am so blessed. I truly appreciate you and your work. J. D.

I have really enjoyed the consultation CDs you sent me I appreciate the suggestions and the manner you present them. I have started step by step to feel more balance in my life and much of that is due to your inspiration, so just to let you know of my great thanks. M.O.

You did an amazing job on this compatibility for my partner and I. It was very articulate, structured, personalized and extremely insightful. K.C

The consultation gave me all of the answers that I was looking for as well as some new insights into "me", that I don't think I would have otherwise found out. S.B.

Though it is only one day after our session I would still like to express gratitude for what I can only sense may be one of the greatest gifts of my lifetime. JB

I really appreciate the effort and work you put into my reading. I have held it as another wonderful tool in understanding myself, my life, and my dharma. I listen to the CD's very often and I am still learning absorbing the information. It will be something that has impacted my life to help me grow and appreciate who I am and how I work collectively with all parts of me. Thank-you so very much. J.D.D.

Yesterday’s consultation was just so filled with excitement for me. It offered me an opportunity for me to understand myself more fully and to conscience of all my interactions with others. It was such a blessing.. L.

Thank you so much for the reading you did for me a few months ago. It was not only very enlightening, but has reaffirmed several things for me. Your reading has helped to awaken many thoughts and feelings, and I really appreciate your help. You certainly have a talent for sharing important information in a comforting, thoughtful and yet challenging way. P. C.

I have been feeling MUCH better digestively since the consultation. I have also noticed an improvement in my joint pain. D.B.

Many, many thanks for your generous time that you spent with me on Friday. Your reading gave me a wonderful feeling of joy and purpose. B.G.