When you ask yourself the question “How can I best serve society?” you are asking a dharmic question. The Area of Dharma is that which relates to moral, ethical and evolutionary behavior. We can best serve society by knowing our dharma and performing it each day in a selfless manner.

The present dharma structure in India is a perverted one, based as it is on birth and heredity rather than natural inclination. This degenerate caste system is living proof that the science of the stars was effectively lost thousands of years ago.

Dharma is the most important factor in determining marriage compatibility, but astrologers no longer know how to judge dharma (or any other important criteria) in any of the eight fields of life. Thus, their so-called compatibility studies are not very useful and very misleading. The ancient sages understood why you should only marry within your own dharma. Individuals who have different dharmas expend their energies in different directions; when functioning together, their wholeness is less than the sum of the parts. Those having the same dharma create a wholeness greater than the sum of its parts.

The Dharmas are:

Brahmin (Giver/Idealist) The Brahmins are the priests, counselors and educators of society. They lead the cultural-religious-educational institutions. They give knowledge to society, especially spiritual knowledge.

Kshatriya (Integrative/Warrior)The Kshatryas are the warriors in society. They both lead society in an external way (Brahmins lead through knowledge), and they protect society. They head the legal-political arm of society. Government officials, individuals in the military, policemen, firemen, doctors, lawyers – all these people are members of the warrior caste.

Vaishya (Communicator/Devotional) The Vaishyas are the business class in society. They provide the material resources which allow society to prosper. They lead in the economic arena. They must receive a fair exchange for the services they offer.

Shudra (Loner) The Shudras serve one of the above mentioned dharmas, but not in a servile way unless the particular Shudra nature is weak. Shudras are very independent people who must learn to serve in a way which does not interfere with their love of freedom and privacy. They know the secret of accomplishing more by doing less.

Outcaste (Rebel) The Outcastes are the rebels in society who purify society of its outmoded, outdated conventions. They prefer to live on the fringes of society. Gypsies are a good example of outcastes and how they live in contemporary society. Outcastes will “serve” one of the other castes only in ways they have to, and even then, very independently.