A strong vital body gives individuals the energy and ability to creatively project themselves into any environment. When a person wants to project their energy onto the environment in a way which will bring success, influence, popularity, and a good reputation, then they will use one of the eight styles for doing so.

The vital body, subtler than the physical body, coordinates the flow of energy through the physiology so that we feel comfortable. This body also has an effect on our ability to recover quickly and easily from physical illness. When our energy body comes under stress and tension, then we suffer the stress syndrome: chronic fatigue, insomnia, tension, anxiety etc. Stress can come from physical imbalances but also from psychological and environmental factors. Stress can be managed effectively through breathing practices, mantra, yantra, geomancy (feng shui), Bach Flower remedies etc. Gandharva will suggest your specifics regarding these stress management techniques in your consultation.

The vital body is balanced most specifically by how one’s environment is set up:

INTEGRATIVE: needs much light, sunlight, natural lighting etc.

DEVOTIONAL: water fountains, mirrors, silvery or reflective surfaces.

WARRIOR: boldness, red, sharp shapes of furniture.

COMMUNICATOR: frequent change, green, variable.

GIVER: regal, royal, with plush fabrics, gold.

IDEALIST: beauty, nature, orderliness.

LONER: quiet, womb-like, dark, spartan, simple.

REBEL: unique colors/objects, unusual, different.